Richard Andrews, M.Ed

Founder & President  

Foundation for Black Heritage and Culture 

The Foundation for Black Heritage & Culture was founded in 2012 by Mr. Richard Andrews, with the purpose of creating programs to support music & cultural arts, health & wellness equity, financial literacy, and educational opportunities for minority and underserve populations across the Greater Houston area.  

Over the years, Mr. Richard has been fortunate to experience many places, festivities and experiences from various cultures from all around the world. While this was exciting for him, it also inspired him to embark upon a journey to afford the same opportunities for cultural, educational and wellness opportunities for communities that statistically do not have the access. 

The foundation also serves as the official home of the annual Houston Black Heritage Fest – a popular multi-day festival promoting African American culture. Other programs supported through the foundation’s three pillars (Cultural Arts, Health Equity & Education) includes the “We Are One” Weekly Food Distribution Program, Project “No 1st Generation College Student Left Behind”, the BHF Annual Student Art Competition (in partnership with Houston Independent School District), and more. 

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