Mission Statement: NFGCSLB exists to empower low-income and first-generation youth to achieve social and economic success by providing advice, encouragement, and support to obtain a college degree.

Here are the goals of the program:

  • Create a bond amongst students in the program, so that a support system is created as relationships are being developed.
  • Increase student cultural awareness through community service
  • Provide workshops which help students build the necessary skills to prepare for professional objectives
  • Connect student with faculty and staff, peers, and members of the community, in order to enhance their college experience
  • Help students smoothly transition into, and become acclimated to the atmosphere, and culture college

College can be scary for first-generation students. They’re treading waters neither they nor their parents navigated before. And statistics show that 89% of low-income first-generation college students leave college within six years without earning a degree. More than one-quarter leave after their first year.

They’re driven out by a host of factors, from financial need to little understanding of what to expect of college. Many struggle with the feeling that they don’t belong on campus.

What is the purpose of this program?
The purpose of this program is to ensure the academic and social needs of first-generation students are met, in order for them to successfully complete college.

Services Offered
Peer Mentor Program: Mentoring is a one-on-one relationship between a second-year student (mentor) and a first-year student (mentee). Being a mentor offers a great opportunity to develop leadership and communication skills.
High school seniors who will be first-generation students
First-Generation undergraduates with a 2.5 GPA
Scholarships for First-Generation undergraduate College Students

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